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User registration service agreement

This User Registration Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement") is entered into by you (hereinafter referred to as the "User") and the products and services provided by the <西游传世:单机> Game Developer at and/or its affiliates. protocol.

In order to protect the rights and interests of users, please read the full text of this agreement before registering to use the various products and services provided by <西游传世:单机> Games. If the user enters the user registration page of the <西游传世:单机> game, confirms that he has read, agreed to the terms of this agreement and completed the registration, or obtained and used the products and services provided by the <西游传世:单机> game by any other means, the user has read the agreement in detail. Content, agree to abide by the terms of this agreement. Users should no longer refuse to perform this Agreement on the grounds that they do not understand the contents of this Agreement.

In addition to this service agreement, you should also read and accept the "Working Instructions", "Messages" and "Copyright Notice". The "Working Instructions", "Messages" and "Copyright Notice" are inseparable from this Agreement. a part of.

<西游传世:单机> game service content

1. <西游传世:单机> will get the user's points or combat power and other information to enter the game leaderboard for other players to view.

2. <西游传世:单机> games may charge a fee to some users when providing products and services. In this case, there will be a clear prompt on the relevant page. If the user does not agree to pay the fees, you may choose not to accept the corresponding products and services.

3. <西游传世:单机> games provide users with products and services through the server-side device access to the Internet, in addition to products and services related devices (such as computers, modems and other Internet-related devices) and the required fees ( The telephone and internet fees paid for access to the Internet shall be borne by the user.

4. Users should use genuine software to accept products and services, and the software costs are borne by the user.

Except for the above use, no third party has access to these data.


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